Promoting your Home Business Opportunities

For a multi level marketing/MLM or a home-based business to grow, you want leads – and you have to be persistent. The money doesn’t come from your own efforts but from the downlines you recruit and from their efforts. Once you reach that level, the systems literally runs on autopilot. It’s a team effort for the most part. If you go at it all alone, you won’t do that well. The reason MLM opportunities thrive is because of the leveraged income. Without further do, here are some of the ways you can promote your online business.

Facebook messenger

The right way to promote with Facebook messenger is by sharing how the product helped you and how it can help your prospects. Some people spam random groups with their affiliate links, that’s bad promotion and you want to avoid that. Never share a link directly. Get people interested in your product, have a one on one conversation and build relationships.


With Pinterest, you can make a lot of money promoting home business opportunities. It helps over 70% of the users are female and they’re in the lookout for decent opportunities.┬áMake decent pins and promote the right way, don’t go crazy doing that though, be sure you read Pinterest’s guidelines before you start.

Email traffic

You want to get a lot of eyeballs on your landing page, for that, you should buy solo ads. You can write out an email ad and give it to your solo ad provider so they can send it out to their email lists. Solo ads are of the best ways to build a targeted email list.


YouTube videos are free and can get you a lot of exposure, offer value and people will start to like you. Once you build an authority and offer help, you’ll do well with videos.

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