Its All-star time NBA LIVE Mobile lovers! The NBA All-Star game is not only a game but a celebration of the NBA's best players, its history and culture.

We are joining in on the fun having a week long program that observes all things All Star along with a brand-new update to the sport. We are stoked about these new events and features.



Here's what you'll find:

NEW All-Star Live Events: Brand new to NBA LIVE Mobile will be the All-Star Live Occasions based on the real world All-Star game. That is right Abilities Challenge and the renowned 3 Point Competition will make their debut in our match.

  • 3 Point Contest: Take the court with some of the league's top sharpshooters. Each player will shoot at five 3-pointers at every one of the five places, going from station to station. Out of the five basketballs, four are worth one point (the conventional orange game ball) and the fifth one (a red/white/blue ball) is worth two points. The aim is for the player to make as many 3-pointers as you possibly can in the five positions in one minute.
  • Skills Challenge: The Skills Challenge is in the game with extra twists where each round gets progressively more difficult.
  • Rising Stars: Play against up and coming Rising Stars with the actual rosters from the game.
  • Slam-Dunk Contest: Take your dunk skills to the next level with this Year's slam dunk contestants.
  • All-Star Game: This Live Event lets you use four different rosters - the starters and reserves from both the Eastern and Western Conference.

All-Star 6th Lineup: Step inside the shoes of an up-and-coming NBA player as you progress from an All-Star Contestant to an All-Star MVP with our 6th Line-Up. You'll be able to:

  • Earn Fan Votes throughout the program by building a sizzle reel and starting a social campaign.
  • Each row of All-Star sets will require different amounts of Fan Votes to unlock the sets.
  • Earn Moneyball ;collectibles that can be used in any All-Star Gold or Elite slot.

40+ New Players including:

    • All-Star Contestants
    • Rising Stars Challenge players
    • All-Star Starters and Reserves
    • 5 - 96 OVR All-Star Weekend Masters
      • Rising Stars: Andrew Wiggins
      • Skills Challenge: Karl-Anthony Towns
      • 3-Point Contest: Steph Curry
      • Slam Dunk Contest: Blake Griffin
      • All-Star Game: Russell Westbrook

All-Star Moments: Do you have what it takes to step it up when the pressure is on? Relive past and present Big Moments from classic All-Star games.

NEW All-Star Legends Introduced: Legends of past All-Star events will likely be released including... well we can not say right now. Be sure to check-in daily which means you don't miss a chance to choose the court to ever play the game.

League Group Achievements & More
Speaking of leagues, we've checked the cheating that is going to make things more reasonable and competitive. Thus make sure to get back there because there's some cool stuff to accumulate!

Speaking of leagues, we've curbed the cheating that has been going to make things fair and competitive. So make sure because there is some cool items to collect to get back there!

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